Latest Exhibition


a collective exhibition of artists of the region, celebrating 30 years of the Millicent Gallery

(3 Pieces) - 'Bird Life at the End of the Day', 'Morning Birds II' & 'Layers of Land'

See them HERE

Opening 23rd June at 6pm - 30th July2023

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Gallery 54

A contemporary fine art gallery of the region.  54 Church Street, Penola

Open: Thursday - Sunday, 10am - 3pm

More info HERE

Encaustic Wax Artwork


Canvas Artwork

When I get tired of burning myself on molten wax or heat guns...this is my go-to place


Art Dolls

A crazy extension of sculpture, makeup artistry, costuming and story telling...more to come and commissions welcome...a talking point!


More about Cate

This part is supposed to be about me...I will get onto it!  It's hard as I don't like to talk about that so much, prefer my work to speak for itself...but I will try!

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